97% of malicious house fires are caused via the letterbox! November 06 2006

That’s a really scary statistic and the sad reality of letterbox vulnerability.

Yes that’s a whopping 97% of malicious house fires are caused via the letterbox!

That’s direct from the UK Fire Service.




I was already part of that statistic and having seen the insurance clause for me it wasn’t a risk I was willing to take going forwards.

So, I hot-footed it home and hit the internet looking for something far more secure than tape to seal the letterboxes on future empty properties.

To my surprise I couldn’t find anything!

We have found during our research since that an increasing number of homeowners are also now simply sealing up their letterboxes even when they’re living there. The reasons are all too sad to see;






And it’s not just fire; phishing for house and car keys and easy access to locks are also a weakness of letterbox openings.







The Police and Fire Service would like letterbox apertures via doors removed altogether but for the time being they are here to stay.

And most people simply remove the letterbox and board it up seal it with screws or nails or tape or anything they can get their hands on.