Your house is on fire… August 29 2006

That was the call we got from one of the neighbours of one of our rental houses; ‘your house is on fire!’

It was 29th August 2006 and on the 30th we were due to go on holiday to Florida.

We received a very early morning call from the neighbour to say that the Fire Brigade were in attendance at our property.

I cannot even begin to describe to you the fear and panic that strikes into you.

We drove there as quickly as we could (I’m a huge advocate of buying locally and its things like this that make me glad I stick to that!) to find the fire brigade finishing up and a very black house!  



Luckily the neighbours had alerted the Fire Brigade quickly and much of the property was saved with most of the damage being to the front door and hallway and the rest of the house suffering from a lot of smoke damage. In fact I think more damage was caused by smoke and then water from the Fire Brigade but I’m not complaining!

I wish I’d taken more photos now but here’s one of the front door about to be boarded up and you can see how black it is inside with fire damage around the letterbox, at the base of the door and on the threshold; this will become significant later!